Toshiba Laptops Under $500

Toshiba is a brand-name that has an excellent history of producing high quality desktops and laptop computers. People are attracted to the Toshiba brand because their products are very durable and sturdy. Toshiba remains a strong competitor in the laptop computer category. Certainly, the future still looks bright for Toshiba and their very innovative line of products. Toshiba laptops vary in price. Some are expensive while others are very affordable. Here are Toshiba laptops under $500 to consider.

First, let’s take a look at the Toshiba Satellite NB a15t A1302. The 11.6 inch model sports a LED touch screen. This is a feature that is usually not available on such low cost laptops. This is a very portable machine that also delivers a high powered performance in a small package. The laptop includes 4 GB of memory and is expandable up to 8 GB of memory. The laptop includes a massive 500 GB hard drive. This is large enough to stream movies, download videos, store music, pictures, and much more. Also includes important features that are on more expensive models. For example, HDMI features and a Webcam.

Next up is the Toshiba c55-A5344 15.6 that features an LED screen for brilliant viewing. This is a high powered computer that is great at performing all those basic computer tasks. For example, data processing, working on documents, surfing the internet, sending email, listening to music, viewing movies, playing basic games. Includes 4 GB of memory that is expandable to 16 GB. Includes a 500 GB hard drive to store all those documents, pictures, and music. Also includes other numerous features that are normally not included on such an affordable laptop.

The last entry in Toshiba laptops under $500 is the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5140 with a 15.6 viewing screen. This is a very affordable personal computer that easily tackles all those basic computer tasks with plenty of speed. Includes 4 GB memory expandable to 8 GB. Store data on the massive 500 GB drive.

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